Back to Work

It’s 11:00 PM and it’s been a good day, but a tiring one. It was my first day back to work since the ‘shock’ and subsequent hospital visits. It was great to get back in the saddle, even though it was only a half day.

I started off my day getting my daughter off to school. That was followed by a visit to the chiropractor. After that I went to the advancement office to sign receipts and then into the office. It was good to see my friends.  Although, I must admit that I got tired of telling my story over and over again. But, it’s good to know how much people care.

I was able to come home at about 2:30 — about a half day. I crashed on the couch. I’m amazed how tired I got today. I’m also amazed at how refreshed I felt in doing the day-to-day work.

I did have the honor of judging the Intercollegiate National Religious Broadcaster Convention student production competition today. I felt badly being overly critical, but I believe it’ll help these young people become better broadcasters. There were several good ones. I wish them well and I hope they use their abilities for His glory. We need more young people willing to serve God in Christian broadcasting.

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