An interesting holiday

Well, Thanksgiving is over. It sure was a different holiday this year. We spent Thanksgiving Day at my Mom and Dad’s house. Both sisters were there along with most of their kids.  My daughter Anastasia was there, but my other kids weren’t.

On Friday, we traveled five hours to New York to visit with them. My wife ended up cooking ANOTHER Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday and we all celebrated Thanksgiving again.

I did have a fun experience. My son John has a Nintendo Wii. Wow, what fun. I loved tennis and bowling and I HATE those games in real life. I’m still sore from playing those games.  But, I’m recovering.

In terms of my health — well, I returned to playing basketball this week. I was 100-percent, but I did okay. I made life difficult for the guys I guarded. So, that’s good. Today I even made a key three pionter and posted-up and made a few on a guy who thought he would own me.  That was fun. I’m still having spells of lightheadedness, but the neurologist today said there’s nothing she can see that’s wrong with me. So, that’s good news. But, just to be sure they’ve scheduled me for an MRI and an MRA.

I’m getting ready to decorate the house for Christmas.  I love this time of year. I’ll post more on this later.

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