Mission Network News in Russia-Moscow

Greg Yoder in MoscowMission Network News and Russian Ministries are teaming up to hand out gifts during Russian Christmas (which is January 7). MNN’s Anchor and Executive Director Greg Yoder, VP for Radio at Cornerstone University Lee Geysbeek and Greg’s Dad, Terry Yoder traveled to Russia on January 3 to participate in handing out Christmas gifts to poor, orphaned and street kids in Moscow and the Yemal Region of Russia. The team arrived on January 4 in Moscow. Instead of going right to bed after being up 27 hours, we decided to stay up and get used to the eight hour time difference. That took us to Red Square to see the sites and sounds of that historic place.

On January 5, we joined up with Nathan and headed south to the Tula region ofPastor Paul Russia, just 150 km away from Moscow where Russian Ministries is sponsoring a Winter Camp for orphans and street kids. This is being run by Christians in the region. They invited 20 orphans from this orphanage, 20 from another and 20 street kids to this 10 camp. The goal of the camp is to spend time with these neglected kids, show them love and compassion and win the opportunity to tell them about Christ. It’s a ministry that’s not very accepted by the local church because of the stigma that comes with orphans and street kids. Pictured here is Pastor Paul who started the ministry. This is the second winter camp they’ve hosted.

Nastia, a worker with the ministryThis is Nastia. She’s been working part time with the outreach for about a year, while she attends university in Moscow. She has an incredible love for these kids who are often forgotten. She says it’s a challenge because the kids don’t respond right way. They don’t understand they need God. They also don’t understand God loves them since most of them have been abused and neglected by adults and not loved by society. Nastia, in many cases, is the first person to show these young people respect and love.

Girl and boyIt was great to see these kids enjoying their time at the camp. They received gifts, played games, learned drama with Scripture as their script, participated in martial arts, ate well, learned how to play the guitar, cross country skied and much more. It’s uncertain if this ministry will have any spiritual impact on these kids, but one thing is for certain — they were off the streets for 10 days and experienced love first hand.

Lee playing TwisterSome of the team also got involved. Lee Geysbeek played Twister with the kids and didn’t ‘squash’ either kid shown here. Continue to pray for our safety. We traveled back to Moscow and today will be flying northeast to Salakhard in the arctic circle to do more of the same.

10 thoughts on “Mission Network News in Russia-Moscow

  1. That is really wonderful what you are doing for the kids. So glad you’re reaching out to them in Christian love.

    God bless you.

  2. Dear Lee… Just wondering if Tim Geysbeek is a relative. He’s an Radio ELWA MK, now works with SIM archives in Charlotte. We served with his family for many years in Liberia and knew his Mom well before she died there.
    My husband and I will be praying for your wonderful ministry there and that the children’s hearts will open up to God’s love as a result of seeing Jesus in you. May you have traveling mercies and return home with an even greater passion for the lost in Russia and around the world

  3. Thank you, and thank God for you, your talents. Read your material all the time on MNN, this is a new site for me and I will bookmark it. You, your family, God’s Mission you are applying, and your health. You will be healed. Love, God Bless, Bill and Gloria Donson in Endicott, NY

  4. Greg- it is great to hear about your trip. The sad look in those 2 teens eyes does remind us all that they need God but live such sad lives they often don’t know they need God. I am praying for you trip!

  5. Wow! I’m so glad my friend put me in touch with you. We have a group here in Flagstaff, AZ that goes to Russia once a year and works in an orphanage there. The group is: FAITH WORKS in mission. It is comprised of 20 churches and the exectutive director is: Glen Allen. Praise God for the work you are doing. Joyfully, Lu

  6. Well I’ll try again. I think you are doing a great work in Russia and I praise the Lord for you and the work you are doing. We have a group here in Flagstaff, AZ that goes to Russia once a year and does work in an orphanage there. The name of the group is: FAITH WORKS in mission. The exectutive director is Glen Allen. Praise the Lord for your work! Joyfully, Lu

  7. The summer in South Africa is definitely better than the weather that the pictures of your trip.

    May God bless you and your wordk!

  8. Praise Jesus! It must have been difficult when time to take the children back to the streets. I pray that all the goodness of Jesus that was shown them will be manifested again into their young lives in magnificient ways and means, in His name!

  9. I am planning a business trip October 21 to November 4 or 5. I would like to do some good while in Moscow and orphans are on my heart. Where would you suggest I visit and how can I help? I would like to visit an orphanage or two to see first hand what is needed and I will relay my visit to others when I return who can make a contribution and a difference.

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