Russia trip is over

(I wrote this on the plane on the way home and forgot to post it)

Group photoIt was an incredible week in Russia. This is my seventh time visiting the country and each time I’m amazed at how God, in unique ways, reveals the Gospel to those who aren’t even looking for it. Pictured here is the team of guys who traveled into the tundra in North Central Russia.

Anatoli MerechevAnatoli Mereichev is one example. His grandfather was imprisoned for having anti-Stalin views. He was sent to Salahard to serve his ten years. His family followed. Much later Anatoli’s Grandmother was saved. She shared the Gospel with her children and grandchildren. Now, Anatoli at 33 years old is the pastor of a thriving church that intentionally reaching out with the Gospel not only to Russians, but to the tribal people, too.

Peter HudyiPeter Hudyi is another example. He left the Nyentsi people for broadcasting. However, God had other plans. Peter heard the Good News and went through the Russian Ministries training and now he’s an evangelist to his own people, who are largely unreached. Peter drove us all over the Yamal region of Russia. He has a passion for reaching his people, but there just aren’t enough people to help reach his people, which number about 30,000 in the Yamal region alone.

Paul TokarchukPaul Tokarchuk’s family come to Yemal from Ukraine during the Soviet days. His father was looking for work. When the family got there a body of believers found them. Paul’s mother and father came to Christ, then Paul came to Christ. Now at 33 years old Paul is a leader in Russian Ministries.

God’s Grace is truly amazing. He uses incredible ways to reach the lost and confound the wise. He uses people nobody would ever use. Why? Because it brings Him the glory.

Greg in the tundraI came on this trip to be a help to believers on the ground, but what happened was these believer became a help to me. They showed me that they’re willing to serve the Lord no matter what. They serve the Lord despite government oppression. They’ll reach out to the unreached despite incredible circumstances — like the vast tundra of the arctic.

Thank you for praying and for your comments.

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