Morning show on WGNB

Today is Sunday and I’m sitting at home wishing I could be a church. I love our worship services and Bible study hour class. However, because of the snow and blizzard like conditions, church was canceled. So, I’m actually getting ready for tomorrow morning.

I get to do a morning show on a local radio station. I will be filling in at 89.3 WGNB in the West Michigan area for the week. While I’m not going to be able do everything I want to do on a morning show, I’ll get to do what got me into radio to begin with — hosting a radio show.

I’ve been doing show prep and getting ready to have fun. I’m not saying I’m not having fun at Mission Network News — I am. But, this is where I started. Hosting a radio shift and I’m really excited about it. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve hosted a live air shift.

Hopefully, I won’t run into any major problems with technology. That’s the ONLY thing I’m concerned about.

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