Summer has been a challenge

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, so I thought I would jot a few things down — randomly.

There has been much sickness surrounding me lately. At least it feels that way. I have a dear friend fighting for his life with cancer. Another couple of friends who are also battling cancer and winning. For the first time in my life I’m not feeling very healthy. I had those ‘shock’ things in November. I believe they were stress related. I’ve developed blood clots in my right leg three times this winter. Fortunately, they were nothing serious. And, following a physical, the doctor told me to get another procedure done that shocked me. What does it all mean? I suppose it means I’m getting older. And, I suppose God is trying to remind me who’s in control and who’s working out the plans. NOTHING IS IN MY HANDS.

Our family cottage in Oscoda, MI

Our family cottage in Oscoda, MI

A few weeks ago we spent family vacation at our family cottage in Oscoda, MI — right on Lake Huron. It was great fun. Except, it was eye opening, too. All of our kids were there, except Sarah. Even the grand kids (yes, I have two). But, when you see your kids as adults you begin to wonder things. Right now I’m wondering why they didn’t follow in my footsteps to honor and love God. It’s a very difficult thing for me to think about. Then I remember, I’M NOT IN CONTROL. Also, I don’t always honor God. Many times I let Him down. Despite knowing that, I’m saddened that none of them show much love for Christ anymore.

We got a new puppy!  Yes, I caved to the pressure. We have a

Our new puppy 'Blu' sleeping in my lap at the cottage.

Our new puppy 'Blu' sleeping in my lap at the cottage.

collie and his name is Blu. He’s a blue merle (type of collie).  He’s quite the character. He’s a faker. He’s a pleaser. He loves to chew on sticks. He enjoys chasing leaves. And, it a great tempered little dog.

Last weekend we traveled to Chicago to visit some dear friends. Sergey, Tonya, and Geni Rakhuba. Tonya is having a baby (surprise!!) at 45 years old. Geni (I think) is 20. So, there will be quite the gap between kids. We went to Chicago for Tonya’s baby shower (I didn’t go — Ann did). Sergey and I just ‘hung out’. He let me ride his motorcycle. Now I have the bug. I would really love to get one. I figure I would save about $246 a month is I drove a motorcycle to work every day. That’s quite the savings.

I miss my church family. We’ve been traveling so much this summer that we haven’t been around to attend church. We have a great church body. I don’t know what we’d do without them. I’m looking forward to hearing God’s Word this weekend in my own church.

That’s it for now. I’ll try not have so much time inbetween posts.

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