MNN Guatemala trip – Day 2

I thought I’d make it easy on myself today and try my hand at making a video. This is my first attempt, so pardon the poor quality and abrupt changes of direction. Now that I know what I can and can’t do with my basic video editor, I’ll chose video more carefully.

So, here is a video for you to enjoy.

Feel free to post comments. They are moderated, so it does require me to approve them. Since I’m traveling, I may not be able to approve them as soon as you’d like.

Keep praying for us.

Greg Yoder, MNN

1 thought on “MNN Guatemala trip – Day 2

  1. Heard about your trip while listening to WGNB this morning. Hope all is going well. I met your wife a few years ago while doing share for WGNB. Well actually it isn’t called Share, it is, or was at WCSG. I used to do quite a bit of volunteer work for them when Judy Koning was there. With a change in direction, I find myself having moved to WGNB several years ago.
    At any rate Greg, heard you on GNB when you filled in, then heard you today regarding your trip. I was looking for direction from you on donations. I am uncertain which of the charities do the best job getting money right to the children in these countries. Hope you can direct me. In the past we have picked a couple, only to have people tell me it was not a good choice and the funds do not reach the children. Since you are working on it directly, I would appreciate yor insight.
    Also, in finding your blog, I wanted to say thank you. What a transparent truth you have been willing to share regarding health, your childrens walk with Christ, the economy. These are difficult times for us to be light for others as our fears surface and we look inward. You have done a wonderful job reminding us we are not in control, He is. Bless you for sharing with such candor.
    Blessings to you and your family Greg as you serve Him together

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