God, Man and the Bible

This week my daughter in-law expressed an interest in knowing more about God. She’s a new believer, so I brought along a lesson we went through in our Sunday school class in church, called “God, Man and the Bible.” It’s written by Steve Raemisch, our associate pastor.

I’ve been going through it so I was prepared to take our family through it and I must say it’s so amazing. It’s amazing that God’s Word has survived throughout the centuries. It’s a amazing that the story of original has been preserved. It’s amazing that even before the foundations of time, God had His plan of salvation all laid out for sinful man. It’s amazing that God gives it FREELY to us and it’s nothing we can do to earn it. It’s amazing that he gives sinful people the desire to please Him and serve and to learn more about Him.

Although, going through it, I’m reminded that I have failed in my walk as a believer in Christ. I don’t have enough moments in His Word. I don’t pray enough. I don’t make enough efforts to share my faith with others. I don’t love people the way I should. I don’t always have a desire to love people.

Is this discouraging to me?  Yes, and no. Yes it’s discouraging to know that I fail Him. That I don’t always walk according to His word. It’s discouraging that I don’t do the things I want to do, but still do the things I don’t want to do. But, it’s encouraging to know that God is still working on me because He continues to give me a desire to follow after Him, read about Him and to please Him. It’s encouraging to know that despite my sin, He’s faithful to restore me, even though I don’t deserve it.

It’s Sunday. A day I should be with fellow believers, but today it’s nice to know that I’m abiding with my Father. I understand that He’s my guide. That’s He’s called me to be his follower. It’s a huge calling, but I’m up for the challenge.

Pray for my family this week as we go through this study. Pray that we won’t be distracted and that we’ll make great progress in understand the truths of His Word.


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