Knee Surgery Recovery – March 24, 2010

It’s nearing the end of the day today and I thought I would post. Not much new has happened. I do have a little more pain today. But, I’m trying to keep in under control with meds. Yesterday, I was trying to ween myself off of them, but the reality is — I still need them. I shouldn’t have tried to do that. That’s probably why I had such a difficult day.

I took my first shower today. THAT was an event. Because I can’t keep my leg straight without a brace and the fact that I’m not supposed to put weight on it — getting into the shower is a difficult task. You should try it. Try getting ready for a shower without bending your leg. Try stepping into a shower stall without bending your leg, or putting weight on one of your leg. The only way to do it is with crutches. When the bottoms get wet, on a laminate floor can be catastrophic. Once I got in, I was okay. But, when I tried getting out I was scared. I thought, “one wrong move and I”m back in the hospital.” I got more nervous and more nervous — then the knee/foot pain started getting worse. I was in trouble. Then I took the hop over the shower stall edge. Good foot on dry floor — bad foot in the shower stall. Since I can’t do a straight leg lift, can’t bend my knee and can’t put weight on it — I was stuck. What did I do? I eased my bad foot to the edge of the shower stall, ever so slowly easing my heel the 8 inches to the floor of the bathroom — whew — I was safe.

I’m not taking another shower any time soon. That was frightening. I think next time, a bath is for me. I can do that sitting down with my foot up. I just have to get upstairs to do that.

The shower was the most eventful event today. I did get  a couple of visitors. Steve Raemisch and Brian Felten brought me lunch. After that — nothing.

My day consists of waking up on the couch. Getting up and get ready for the day. Go back to the couch. Make coffee on the way to the couch. Fire up the laptop computer. Get up, get coffee — which is hard with crutches. Then back to the couch. Then lunch — on the couch. Then, more couch. Couch, couch, couch and more couch.

But, the great news is I HAVE A COUCH that I can be comfortable in. In Haiti, those who are injured are living on the streets. Those who have more serious injuries than me are struggling just to find shelter. I have a house. I’m truly blessed to have what I have. Pain or no pain, I’m truly blessed beyond anything I can imagine.

Keep praying for me. I wish I was stronger. I wish I was more of an example. I’m just doing what God allows me to do — were it not for grace.

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