Unexpected friendship leads to Christ

Madison, Wisc. (K4K) – Sometimes it’s amazing to see God work. What seems like a coincidence becomes God’s perfect plan when you see the whole story. That’s the case with Sonja and Kathryn, who have an uncommon friendship that could only have been orchestrated by God’s hand.

Sonja is from Madison, Wisconsin. About three years ago this 74-year-old woman was waiting to be taken home from the hospital when another woman introduced her to the Keys for Kids devotional and asked if she could use a copy. Sonja says she jumped at the offer, as she was discipling a little neighbor girl, Kathryn, who was from a Buddhist family.

Sonja told us that when she began working with Kathryn, the young girl didn’t know what a manger was and referred to the cross as a “God thing.” Now that’s all changed.

Kathryn writes, “When I was six years old, I asked Jesus to be my Savior and come into my heart. This summer at five-day club I dedicated my whole life to the Lord. One of the ways to grow and please the Lord is to read His Word and pray. I read Keys for Kids every day and look up the Bible verses. Thank you for this wonderful devotional.

Now nine years old, Kathryn realizes what a gift God gave her in providing Sonja, her “neighbor granny,” to introduce her to Christ. Sonja said, “When we were leaving the house to go to the car, she said to me, ‘I sure am glad I got to know you. If I hadn’t gotten to know you, I wouldn’t know Jesus.’”

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