Who is Greg Yoder

GregonBike2013Hi, my name is Greg Yoder. I’m just an average guy who likes to blog about life. I talk about everything from my personal and professional life, to politics, to odd off the wall things. I love riding motorcycles, hunting, spending time with family and advocating for orphans world-wide. I am an avid runner, putting in 15 miles a week.

I’m now the president and executive director of Keys for Kids Ministries. I’m the voice of Parent Minute, a national radio broadcast heard on dozens for Christian radio stations. I’ve been involved in Christian radio in some way shape or form since 1984, including nearly 20 years at Mission Network News. I also have another blog called Christian Radio. I’d love to hear your comments, however I will be monitoring those comments as I’ve had some interesting posts when I leave the post open.

More importantly I love God, family and my church. So, I will also talk about issues relating to those issues, too. Thanks for visiting my blog. Read away. If you’d like me to blog on a specific topic, please ask. I’ll try to oblige.

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