It’s getting harder to live

I can not believe how difficult it is to save money these days. Like many families around the country, we decided to refinance our house a few years ago to take advantage of the lower interest rates. We also figured we’d reduce the number of years we would pay from 30 to 15. We figured it would be tight, but it was good stewardship. We had no idea that gas prices would quadruple in three years.

I wouldn’t say we live paycheck to paycheck, but it’s close. My wife and I put money away for retirement every pay. We have a little bit of a savings account just in a case the car needs repair, or the washer breaks.  But the increasing gas prices are REALLY starting to hurt.

Usually, I have to fill up my gas tank twice a week. That’s $68 a tank. It used to cost $34. I’m finding that I rarely have cash in my wallet, I hardly ever spend money on a pack of gum or other things, because I know that I just don’t have ‘extra’ money floating around — especially when you think gas prices could go as high as $10 a gallon if something interrupts the flow of oil or gas production.  It’s scary.

Since I live 19 miles away from work, I can’t walk. I can’t even really ride my bike. I’ve been looking into buying a motorcycle, but with all the accidents I’m not sure I really want to do that. Plus, motorcycles are actually going up in price because everyone wants one because of the gas prices.

This summer we planned to go up to our family’s cottage on Lake Huron (a four hour drive). Now, we many not do that. We may just stay around home and set up that camper at a nearby campground rather than spend $130 to travel there.

It sad, really. To think that the environmental ‘wackos’ have put the world and especially the United States in such a position to not be able to provide for our energy needs. If we could only start drilling in Alaska, the Atlantic, the Gulf of Mexico, Colorado and other places we’d be able to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Also, why haven’t we built a refinery in 50 years (or however long its been)?  Why is it that we allow these ‘big mouths’ to run our nation.

We as informed Americans need to do something about this NOW — before it’s too late.

As I write this, I also understand that it doesn’t appear the United States is mention in the prophecies in  Revelation. Perhaps we’re closer to the ‘end times’ than we realize.  Perhaps this is why the U-S isn’t mentioned in the end — because we’ve sold ourselves out to foreign oil, environmental nut-jobs and turned a blind eye to immorality. I guess it’s writing on the wall.

“Lord, come quickly!”

2 thoughts on “It’s getting harder to live

  1. It may not all be the environmentalists’ fault. I can think of one group in America that isn’t reeling from the cost of gas: the Amish! Perhaps if we kept our super-sized appetites in check we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

  2. You’re right — it’s not just the environmentalists fault. It’s also the fault of our government — the House and Senate — for caving in to the environmentalists demands that we make it illegal to drill for oil in the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico and Alaska. In terms of ‘super-sized appetites’ — that’s not the issue. Our cars are more economical than ever before. Our factories are more environmentally friendly. Our, power plants are, too. The issue is why hasn’t our government allowed our energy companies to look for oil in our own backyard. It’s foolish and short-sighted and could one day put our national security in danger, if it hasn’t already.

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