Democrats are Hypocrites

‘Change’ that’s all we heard about during the election. Elect Barack Obama and we’ll have change. He told us he would do away with corruption. He told us the sky is the limit, but I don’t think any of us understood completely what he had in mind.

It’s been a little over a week in the Obama administration. Let’s take a look at all he’s accomplished.

1. Obama names Timothy Geithner, who today won a closer-than-expected Senate confirmation Monday to become Treasury secretary after taking a pounding for his past tax flubs. (We’ll talk about this later)
2. He signed an executive order closing Guantanamo Bay Detention facility.
3. He put a halt to all terrorist prosecutions at ‘Club Guitmo.’
4. He revoked a ban on federal funding for international groups that provide or promote abortions.
5. He restricted interrogation techniques by the CIA.
6. Imposed lobbying restrictions.
7. While not yet completed, he’s pushing for an $800 billion bailout.

Those are just the highlights. I’m sure I left out a few. Let’s tackle them one at a time.

Obama’s Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is incredible. Under a Republican administration, this pick would have been crucified by democrats. They would have put out a full court press with the help of the media to oust him. However, because he is a democrat, everyone ignored his failing to pay self-employment taxes. Why the double standard?  While the vote was closer that expected, why was it even voted on at all?  Under a new administration who wants ‘change’ this is change alright — change for the worse.

Why did Obama sign an order to close Guantanamo Bay without having a plan on where to put the detainees.  With proof that many of those who have already been released are rejoining terrorist ranks in the Middle East, why would you deliberately cause this kind of instability in a country with a war on terrorism. What kind of signal is that sending to the enemy.

Coupled with that, he eliminated interrogation techniques. So, not only will we no longer have a place for terror suspects, now we’ll have to ask them politely what they know. I’m sure that because we’re being nice, they”ll give up information freely and graciously out of thanksgiving for good treatment.

And, to add insult to injury, all terrorist prosecutions are on hold. Isn’t that nice of the U-S?

Obama is now allowing our tax dollars to pay for abortions, killing the people we need to to be consumers. With nearly 1.1 million abortions each year in the U-S alone, we’re causing more problems for our nation. We’re already feeling the effects of the fewer number of Americans. We could really use those extra tax dollars from working people who purchase things like cars, homes, etc. That what drives our economy.

I have mixed feelings about lobbying restrictions. We live in a free county. It seems to me that we should be able to lobby if we want to. But, at the same time, many people have abused this. So, again, I’m not coming down on either side until I know more about his executive order.

And, finally, he’s pushing a socialistic plan that will basically bring government owned banks and other industries under the guise of economic stimulus. Under this package, officials have not been able to say how many jobs will be created. Some have projected about 2 million, but figure the cost per job and you’re talking hundreds of thousands of dollars. Does that sound like a good deal to you?  Would you invest $300,000 of your own money so YOU could get a job?  First of all, I don’t have it. Secondly, I think I would rather come up with my own way to get a job.

So, how do I feel about the new administration?  I’m a little angry. I’m wondering how many of my freedoms will be taken away. The Obama administration has already talked about passing hate speach legislation, which will limit what Christians can say about people. Since the Bible calls homosexuality an abomination before God, that would be viewed as hate speech. The Bible says Jesus is the ONLY way to salvation, “No one comes to the Father but by Me.”  That, too, could be viewed as hate speech.

The Democrats have also suggested they will bring back the fairness doctrine, which should be called the unfairness doctrine. That could hurt Christian radio, especially (see for more on that).

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