Obama, the smartest president?

The media continues it’s frenzied ‘worship’ of a man who Sean Hannity calls, “the chosen one.”  I’m amazezd at the kind of questions President Obama is getting from the national press and the coverage he’s getting. At a recent press conference, Jeff Zeleny of the New York Times asked President Obama very difficult question, “What has enchanted you during your first 100 days in office?”

“Enchanted”?  What’s that supposed to mean? I could think of more important questions:

1. Why did you think it necessary to spend more of the nation’s taxpayers money in the first 100 days of your presidency than the previous president spent in eight years in office?”
2. Why did the Obama administration threaten Chrysler leaders into bankruptcy?
3. Why did the Obama administration release top secret documents about interrogation techniques putting our country in more danger, but the administration won’t release pictures of the $300,000 plus Air Force One photos over New York City?

So far, I haven’t heard any substantial answers to any of these questions.

What has happened to the press that’s supposed to look out for the American people? Why have they cozied up to any political party. They’re supposed to be a part of the checks and balances system that makes the United States a Republic. Why have they abandoned their journalistic integrity?

Had President Bush made these types of decisions the press would have had a field day. They would have gone back through the history of the world and crafted reports telling the world about the failure of socialism and how President Bush was on a road to utter failure. They would have called for his impeachment for bankrupting the United States and pushing our economy into a depression. They would be asking difficult questions about why his cabinet selections were so corupt. Each decision would be under a microscope.

But, not this president. He gets a pass. Where are the tough questions? Where is the public outcry?

The amazing thing is that the media outlets that are, are going to be punished, are the ones who are doing their jobs — Fox News and talk radio.  They have asked the hard questions. Unfortunately, those who are asking the questions are being marginalized by the left. They’re either called right wing extremists who have lost touch with the American people, or they’re told their misinformed and lied to.

I’m also tired of hearing that Obama is smart and President Bush is so stupid. Obama graduated from Columbia University and Harvard Law School.  Bush graduated from Yale. Bush actually had BETTER grades in Yale compared to Senator John Kerry. Compared with Al Gore, they were about equal in their scores. But, unfortunately, President Obama didn’t release his scores. We know he graduated from Columbia, but without honors, which is below a 3.3 grade point average. However, he did graduate Harvard Law SchoolMagna Cum Laude, which, according to the Havard Law School website, is awarded to the top 10% of Harvard Law School students.

However, it does take a bright man to understand that you can’t spend money you don’t have. President Obama’s first 100 days in office have been expensive.  Since his inauguration, the President has signed into law $1.19 trillion in new spending.  That’s $11.9 billion of spending for each day he has been in office. And the liberals thought President Bush spent a lot. Is that intelligent.

I’m beginning to understand what happens in the end times when The Beast takes over the world. The person is worshiped. Even though it’s clear the evil this person commits, people follow blindly. It’s amazing that we’re seeing the beginning of blind faith that could lead this country to economic and political destruction.

The good news is that God is in control. Perhaps this is exactly what this country deserves. Throughout history He’s brough powerful countries to their knee because of the sin of the people. With the government support of same sex mariage, abortion on demand, so called Christians preaching ‘another gospel’, and more God can’t be pleased.

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