Why This Evangelical Voted for Trump

In reading many posts of Christians internationally, many seem shocked that evangelicals voted for President Elect Donald Trump. I estimate that nearly 20 million American evangelicals voted for Trump. There were many reasons.

Some voted out of fear of Hillary Clinton and her policies that we felt would destroy the American foundations as we know them today. We were concerned that she would appoint Supreme Court Judges who would arbitrarily change our constitution, rather than by the proper ratification by the people (i.e. The states). We were concerned that her pay-for-play international get rich scheme would continue. We were concerned that she would continue to appease radical Islam, making our country more unsafe as the Obama administration did with Iran. We were also angry that the media failed to talk about her roll in her husband’s multiple affairs — destroying the lives of women who were his victims. We were also concerned about her two agendas she has (one public and one private) which she clearly outlined in a speech to big supporters.

I voted for Trump because I wanted to STOP Hillary Clinton’s 30 years of scandals which seem to follow her wherever she goes. I voted for Trump based on the good men and women he chose as his running mate and advisors. I chose Trump because he named his Supreme Court nominees before he was elected and all are constitutionalists, not activists. I voted for Trump because I didn’t feel that the current administration was concerned enough about leading the world and less concerned about our national security.


Anti-Trump protesters

Because I voted for him, the other side has called me terrible names. Because I voted for him, the other side is protesting our American way of life (our election system) which is a revolt and protest against our constitution. Some are even saying they want a Revolution. Because I voted for him people now question my salvation (some international Christians have,too).

So, why am I writing this? If nearly 20 million evangelicals prayerfully voted for Trump and God allowed him to win, don’t you think you owe it to God and your fellow Christians to wait and see what President Elect Trump does BEFORE you judge us? I would never pick Trump as a friend. I agonized over who I should vote for. I certainly wouldn’t have picked him as my candidate to win the primary, (my choice was Ted Cruz) but God did. Why? I have no idea, but I’m anxious to see what could happen. Since everything has a purpose, I’m curious to see God’s plan.

If you are a Christian, PRAY. America needs Jesus more than ever. Those protesting, many of them are paid agitators. Many are lost young people with no moral compass. Many are decent people who are scared because of a corrupt media who told lies about Trump and left out the truth about Clinton. There have been a few journalist who have apologized for their behavior. Many of them need the hope of Christ.

One thing is certain, this IS God’s plan — for better or for worse.

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