Greg to Dallas with Orphan Outreach

Well, it’s another couple of days on the road. Sunday, January 27 I’ll be heading to Dallas, Texas. I’m a new board member for Orphan Outreach. We have our board meeting on Monday, January 28. I’m excited about joining this ministry.

I’ll also be traveling to visit with World Bible Translation Center and hopefully Buckner Orphan Care International.

I’ll be back in the office January 30.

1 thought on “Greg to Dallas with Orphan Outreach

  1. I have followed your story with great interest. I am a missionary in St. Petersburg, Russia, where I have taught for most of the past 14 years. Your teaching opportunities are quite different from mine. I wonder if it might be useful for me to join your group the next time you go. Can we explore the possibilities by email? My address is

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